Salvador Live Action Paint Show
The Salvador Live! Action Paint Shows are an innovation in performance. Each show is its own theatrical production, combining dramatic painting techniques, break dancing, costuming, custom music, and audience participation (optional). These elements are formatted together to deliver a high energy paint and dance experience for the audience. Simply put… Salvador Live thrives on entertaining you!

Action Paint Show Options

* Salvador Live! Solo: speed paint show
* Salvador Live! Plus: speed paint show featuring one or more dancers
* Salvador Live! Experience: theatrical elements with larger cast; The length of this show is typically longer
* All Original Artwork is signed by the artist and rolled up for the client

Action Paint Show Duration

The duration of the shows depends on the image being painted, size of cast, and quantity of paintings. Times vary: 8 min, 10 min, 13 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour.

Size of Artwork

Size of one individual painting is typically 5’.5” x 4’


Salvador Live’s Atmosphere Paintings are great options for events that are more networking-based in nature. The artist paints on an easel in a more relaxed setting without the performance aspect. The results is a more toned down presentation that can fit almost any theme. Artwork is also signed by Salvador Live! and given to the client.

Size of Artwork

The size of art is open to the size canvas the client decides to purchase.


Salvador Live Interactive Graffiti Walls
Salvador Live’s Interactive Graffiti Walls are a great way to create a color visual and splash for your brand or conference message. All walls are customized based on the client’s specs. Graffiti Walls can bet set-up as multi-day installations with custom sizes, and the walls also create perfect photo op areas. Walls can be moved from location to location. Guests will be inspired by joining in on the action and creating art with Salvador Live!

Wall Sizes

Salvador Live works with a lightweight frame that measures 8’ x 4’ feet similar to the size of one sheet of plywood. Options include: 8’x4’ / 8’x8’ / 8’x12’ / 8’x16’
Note: All artwork is created on the canvas that will be stretched over the wall frames.


Salvador Live Paint on Stilts
Painting on Stilts is a visual experience where the guesets can see Salvador Live in action from afar, for the simple fact that the painting will be done on a surface that is elevated. During this this Art Experience, Salvador Live puts on his stilts and walks out in a theme-specific costume to paint on his elevated wall. This element is perfect for outdoors events, trade show settings, and any environment where you need an elevated art enhancement.

Wall Sizes

The size of the wall is 4’ x 6’ feet on a horizontal view.


Salvador Live Black Light Painting
Salvador Live! brings another dimension to his creations with the use of neon colors.

The really interesting idea is that the lighting gives it a whimsical idea almost like if the artist is painting with light.


Fluorescent white, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple. Note: Salvador Live! can provide black lights for a small area. For larger events, we recommend that the client provide all black lighting.


Salvador Live Break N Paint
Introducing...Salvador Live’s Break N’ Paint! It’s a unique style of performance where the music, the tricks, and the energy all dance in color! In this dynamic and colorful experience, our cast fuses the skills of breakdancing, speed juggling, and painting. Watch the human paintbrush characters enter the stage dressed in all white to celebrate an explosion of color right in front of your eyes. You’ll be captivated by the color in motion, as this skilled crew reveals a secret design or logo at the end of the routine.

Size of Artwork

The size of the Art is 6’ x 4’ feet


Salvador Live Art Decor
Salvador Live’s Decor Art consists of any set design decor or the painting of any accessory or prop that the client wants to decorate during an event, or a pre order to showcase at the event.


Hats, Clothing, Shoes, Furniture, Cars, Car Facades, Sets, Floors, Props and much more!


Salvador Live Murals
Let your imagination soar as you get to personally collaborate with Salvador Live! on the creation of a custom mural for your event or business! Designs can incorporate imagery and messaging that relates to your special event or conference. Murals can be painted ahead of time and ready for display at the event, or painted live during the event for a subdued yet impactful art entertainment experience. These unique works of art are customized for each event and are sized to fit the specs of the event space. Whether your theme is Coachella, South Beach, modern, retro, mechanical, tropical, wynwood, abstract, surreal or any other… Salvador Live’s murals are always a hit!



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