Salvador Live, Mickey Mouse Entertain at Disney World

Salvador Live, Mickey Mouse Spectacular at Wide World of Sports

Just when you thought you saw it all with Salvador Live, the world’s most dynamic speed painter, he rocked his debut at Disney World in Orlando Florida. Salvador Live performed along with Mickey Mouse to kick off Junior Baseball Little League season at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Salvador and Mickey’s comedic paint fight and choreographed dance routines, caught everybody by surprise. Together they created a magical moment in sports entertainment.

Salvador Live, Mickey Mouse Put on Show at Disney World

“It was a dream come true to paint with Mickey Mouse. Every child looks up and adores this incredibly famous American cartoon so it was a legendary moment in my art career and a dream for the child inside, also the fact that I was able to get into a paint fight with him it was of incredible honor, not too many Artist can say the got to stain Mickey Mouse Costume with paint, that was just awesome” said Salvador Live.
“I got to choreograph a dance with Mickey get into a paint fight and perform a paint show for thousands of people, one big check list down for the books.”

Salvador Live, Mickey Mouse Put on Show at Disney World

Salvador Live is like a magician with a paint brush. Only time will tell on what he has under the sleeve for his next performance. But what we do know, is that Salvador Live will put on a show that is unique, exciting, and leave you wanting more.

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